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Take 'Em With You (1985)

Updated: Jan 1

Take 'Em With You is a compilation music sampler album that was released on cassette tape only in the spring of 1985 on Word Records. As a precursor to the WOW Music series of the mid 1990s, this sampler, and other future releases, features tracks from the Word recording artists of the time showcasing their music. The first in the series features songs like "Wise Up" by Amy Grant, "It Is Finished" by Petra, "The Unknown Soldier" by David Meece and many others. Many of the Take 'Em With You series were either sold free or at a reduced price with the purchase of one of their Word titles in Christian bookstores. It was also part of a campaign with Sony Audio as they were giving away their Sony Walkman cassette tape players as part of a contest.

Track listing

1. Love Waiting (Billy Crockett) (from Carrier) -2:53

2. How Much It Hurts (Russ Taff) (from Medals) -4:07

3. The Unknown Soldier (David Meece) (from 7) -4:44

4. Give 'em All You Got (Tonight) (Leslie Phillips) (from Dancing with Danger)


5. The Dance (Glen Allan Green) (from Living Fire) -4:28

6. It Is Finished (Petra) (from Beat the System) -3:45

7. Secret Thoughts (Benny Hester) (from Benny From Here) -4:43

8. Wise Up (Amy Grant) (from Unguarded) -3:50

9. People in a Box (Farrell & Farrell) (from Jump to Conclusions) -3:34

10. Hotline (White Heart) (from Hotline) -4:16

11. I Want to Know You (Philip Bailey) (from The Wonders of His Love) -3:58

12. He is Strong (Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart) (from Sheep in Wolves Clothing)


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