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Take 'Em With You 6 (1987)

Updated: May 28

Take 'Em With You 6 is a compilation music sampler album that was released on compact disc (CD) only in the fall of 1987 on Word Records. As a precursor to the WOW Music series of the mid 1990s, this sampler features tracks from the Word recording artists of the time showcasing their music. In this sixth and final volume, tracks include "Love God, Hate Sin" by Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart (pictured on the CD front cover), "Paradise" by Bryan Duncan, "God Only Knows" by David Meece and "Outlander" by The Imperials among others. It is the only compilation album that was issued on CD, whereas the past five Take 'Em With You compilations were only issued on cassette tape. Word discontinued the series after this release.

Track listing

1. Paradise (Bryan Duncan) (from Whistlin' in the Dark) -4:01

2. God Only Knows (David Meece) (from Candle in the Rain) -4:55

3. Outlander (The Imperials) (from This Year's Model) -6:15

4. Love God, Hate Sin (Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart) (from Crack the Sky) -3:37

5. I Will Be There for You (Paul Smith) (from No Frills) -4:51

6. What Goes Around Comes Around (NewSong) (from Say Yes) -3:28

7. As If I Was the Only One (To Love) (Luke Garrett) (from Ever Constant...Ever

Sure) -4:28

8. Forever in His Care (First Call) (from Somethin' Takes Over) -4:07

9. Make it Right (Kenny Marks) (from Make it Right) -4:27

10. Friend of a Wounded Heart (Wayne Watson) (from Watercolour Ponies) -5:25

11. Run to You (Terri Gibbs) (from Turnaround) -3:49

12. Driving Nails (Bruce Carroll) (from Something Good is Bound to Happen) -3:36

13. Voice of the Spirit (Allies) (from Shoulder to Shoulder) -4:17

14. When I Think of You (Daniel Winans) (from And the Second Half) -3:28

Previous release: Take 'Em With You 5 (1987)

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