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Take 'Em With You 5 (1987)

Updated: May 28

Take 'Em With You 5 is a compilation music sampler album that was released on cassette tape only in the spring of 1987 on Word Records. As a precursor to the WOW Music series of the mid 1990s, this sampler features tracks from the Word recording artists of the time showcasing their music. In this fifth volume, tracks include "Carry You" by Leslie Phillips (pictured on the cassette front cover), the radio version of "Screen Door" by Rich Mullins, "I Belong" by Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart and "Here" by Kim Boyce among others.

Track listing

1. Fallin' (The Imperials) (from This Year's Model) -4:04

2. Watercolour Ponies (Wayne Watson) (from Watercolour Ponies) -4:41

3. The Water is Fine (David Meece) (from Candle in the Rain) -5:37

4. Here (Kim Boyce) (from Kim Boyce) -4:45

5. Go Ask the Dead Man (iDEoLA aka Mark Heard) (from Tribal Opera) -4:00

6. Screen Door (Rich Mullins) (full-length radio single version from Pictures in the

Sky) -2:10

7. In Your Light (Tata Vega) (from the various artists album Voices) -3:52

8. I Belong (Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart) (from Crack the Sky) -3:49

9. Fathers and Sons (Dave Perkins) (from The Innocence) -4:15

10. Carry You (Leslie Phillips) (from The Turning) -4:24

Previous release: Take 'Em With You 4 (1986)

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