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Take 'Em With You 4 (1986)

Updated: May 28

Take 'Em With You 4 is a compilation music sampler album that was released on cassette tape only in the fall of 1986 on Word Records. As a precursor to the WOW Music series of the mid 1990s, this sampler features tracks from the Word recording artists of the time showcasing their music. In this fourth volume, tracks include "Darkened Hearts" by Kim Boyce (who is on the cover of the cassette), "What Do You Know (That I Don't)" by Sheila Walsh, "Can't Stop Talking About Him" by The Gaither Vocal Band and a duet with Cynthia Clawson and Paul Smith on the track "Bring It to Jesus." It also includes the original recording of "Love is Not Lost" by Leslie Phillips that is only found in the CD version of Black and White in a Grey World, available for the first time on this cassette tape.

Track listing

1. New Breed of Man (Dion) (from Velvet & Steel) -4:53

2. Darkened Hearts (Kim Boyce) (from Kim Boyce) -4:01

3. Perfect World (Tonio K.) (from Romeo Unchained) -4:12

4. Man Like You (Greg X. Volz) (from The River is Rising) -5:24

5. Thank You (Philip Bailey) (from Triumph) -3:41

6. Lost is Not Lost (Leslie Phillips) (from the CD Black and White in a Grey World)


7. What Do You Know (That I Don't) (Sheila Walsh) (from Shadowlands) -5:13

8. Time Out (The Clark Sisters) (from Heart & Soul) -3:45

9. Fairest Lord Jesus (2nd Chapter of Acts) (from Hymns) -3:51

10. I Will Rejoice (Luke Garrett) (from Luke Garrett) -4:02

11. Can't Stop Talking About Him (The Gaither Vocal Band) (from One X 1) -4:46

12. Bring It to Jesus (Cynthia Clawson and Paul Smith) (from Immortal) -5:05

Previous release: Take 'Em With You 3 (1986)

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