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Black and White in a Grey World (1985)

Updated: Apr 13

Black and White in a Grey World is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Leslie Phillips, released in late 1985 on Myrrh Records.

Phillips earned her first Grammy Award nomination (under Leslie Phillips) for Best Gospel Performance, Female for Black and White... at the 28th Grammy Awards. The album was once again produced by Dan Posthuma and climbed to number 13 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Note: The cassette and LP versions did not include "Larger Than Life" and "Love Is Not Lost." However, these tracks were issued on vinyl in Australia. "Love Is Not Lost" would later be re-recorded for Phillips' 1987 album, The Turning. Both of those songs would be on the CD and digital editions. "Love is Not Lost" appears on the Word Records music sampler Take 'Em With You 4 on cassette from the CD version. The digital edition has replaced the original recordings of "You're the Same" with the home demo version and "When the World Is New" with the radio edit that has trimmed the 30 second intro. Both were featured on her 1988 compilation Recollection. You can listen to the original album recording on the YouTube link below this article.

Track listing on the digital edition

All songs written by Leslie Phillips, except where noted.

1. Black and White in a Grey World -4:20

2. Tug of War -3:21

3. When the World Is New -4:32

4. Psalm 55 -3:49

5. You're Kindness -4:02

6. Larger Than Life -3:44

7. The More I Know You -5:02

8. Smoke Screen (Leslie Phillips, Daniel Brown) -3:38

9. You're My Lord -4:14

10. Walls of Silence -4:54

11. You're the Same -4:16

12. Love is Not Lost -3:46

Radio singles

1985 -1986 "You're Kindness" -#1 Christian CHR for 4 weeks, #2 Christian AC

1986 "You're the Same" -#1 Christian AC for 5 weeks

1986 "The More I Know You" -#7 Christian CHR

1986 "When the World Is New" -#19 Christian AC

1986 "Psalm 55" -#8 Christian CHR

1986 -1987 "You're My Lord" -#37 Christian AC

Previous release: Dancing with Danger (1984)

Next release: The Turning (1987)

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