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The Best of Russ Taff (2003)

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

The Best of Russ Taff is the ninth studio album by Christian singer-songwriter Russ Taff. Released on April 8, 2003, it is his first album on the Spring House Music Group label, which is home to Bill Gaither's Homecoming recordings.

In 2002, Taff joined the Gaither Vocal Band as a member for a couple of albums and has taken part in the Gaither Homecoming concerts. This album is not a compilation of previously recorded tracks, but rather fresh recordings of songs that chronicle the many chapters of Taff's career up to the point the album was released. These are songs that he sang on the Homecoming recordings and videos. There is a new track here also called "They Call It Gospel Music" written by Taff with Gloria Gaither. The CD version contains 15 songs. An additional track "Bethlehem, Galilee and Gethsemane" is available on digital and streaming services. The Best of Russ Taff is produced by Kevin Williams with Bill Gaither as executive producer.

Track listing for the Digital Edition

1. When He Set Me Free (Joe Washington) -3:11

2. O Say But I'm Glad (Traditional) -3:59

3. Hold to God's Unchanging Hand (Jennie Wilson, F.L. Eiland) -3:19

4. My Tribute (Andraé Crouch) -3:16

5. He Came Through (aka The Lord Came Through) (Russ Taff, James Holihan, Jr., Ashley Cleveland, Wally Wilson) -3:18

6. We Will Stand (Russ Taff, Tori Taff, James Hollihan, Jr.) -4:17

7. Why Me (Kris Kristofferson) -3:15

8. Born Again (Andrew Culverwell) -3:23

9. Praise the Lord (Brown Bannister, Mike Hudson) -3:36

10. Trumpet of Jesus (Michael Omartian, Stormie Omartian) -3:59

11. Farther Along (Rev. W.B. Stevens) -4:51

12. They Call it Gospel Music (Russ Taff, Gloria Gaither) -3:35

13. For Those Tears I Died (Marsha Stevens) -4:28

14. When He Calls I'll Fly Away (V.B. Ellis) -3:35

15. Ain't No Grave (Traditional) -5:20

16. Bethlehem, Galilee and Gethsemane (Bill & Gloria Gaither) -6:16

Previous release: Right Here, Right Now (1999)

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