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The Definitive Collection (2007)

The Definitive Collection is a 2007 compilation album of singer -songwriter Leslie Phillips. Released by Word Records as part of the Word Artists' Definitive Collection series, it features ten songs from Phillips' five releases on the Myrrh Records label.

NOTE: The studio recording of "Your Kindness" on the digital album of The Definitive Collection replaces the acoustic recording of this song that is on the physical CD version.

Track listing

All songs were written by Leslie Phillips, except where noted.

1. Here He Comes with My Heart (from Dancing with Danger) -2:48

2. No One But You (from Recollection) -2:35

3. Heart of Hearts (Mark Heard) (from Beyond Saturday Night) -3:15

4. Answer Don't Come Easy (from The Turning) -4:09

5. Strength of My Life (with guest vocals by Russ Taff) (from Dancing with Danger) -5:35

6. I'm Finding (from Beyond Saturday Night) -3:24

7. When the World Is New (radio edit) (from Black and White in a Grey World) -3:39

8. By My Spirit (duet with Matthew Ward) (from Dancing with Danger) -4:43

9. You're the Same (home demo) (originally recorded for Black and White in a Grey World) -3:23

10. You're Kindness (from Black and White in a Grey World) -4:02

Production credits

Dan Posthuma -producer (tracks 1, 5, 7, 8 and 10)

Leslie Phillips -producer (tracks 2 and 9)

Jack Joseph Puig -producer (tracks 3 and 6)

T-Bone Burnett -producer (track 4)

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