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The Very Best (1995)

Updated: Mar 20

The Very Best is a 1995 compilation album of Christian singer - songwriter Wayne Watson, released on Word Records. This collection contains ten select album cuts from Watson's Word catalog, plus the track "Be In Her Eyes" from the 1993 various artists compilation album Our Family.

Track listing

All songs were written by Wayne Watson, except where noted.

1. Almighty (from Home Free) -4:42

2. That's Not Jesus (from The Fine Line) -4:45

3. When God's People Pray (from Home Free) -5:23

4. Giants in the Land (from Giants in the Land) -4:15

5. Freedom (from Home Free) -5:04

6. Every Now And Again (from The Fine Line) -5:20

7. Walk in the Dark (from A Beautiful Place) -4:02

8. Be In Her Eyes (Chris Eaton) (from Our Family) -5:05

9. I Still Believe (Wayne Watson, Paul Mills) (from Watercolour Ponies) -6:54

10. Untouched by Human Hands (from The Fine Line) -5:53

11. Home Free (from Home Free) -4:44

Production credits

Wayne Watson -producer (tracks 1 -7, 9 -11)

Paul Mills -co-producer (tracks 1 -3, 5, 6, 9 -11)

Scott Hendricks -co-producer (track 4)

Greg Nelson -co-producer (track 7)

Brown Bannister -producer (track 8)

Previous release: One Christmas Eve (1994)

Next release: Field of Souls (1995)

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