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Tienen Que Saber (1987)

Tienen Que Saber (tranlated as "they have to know" or the track "People Need the Lord") is the first Spanish language album by Christian singer Steve Green, released on July 17, 1987 by Sparrow Records. The album was produced and arranged by Greg Nelson. Green sings six select songs from his previous English language Sparrow releases and three Spanish language tracks just for this album including a hymns medley. Tienen Que Saber has since been out of print and it is not available digitally. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listings

1. Canta Al Señor (Lift Up a Song) (Steve Fry) -2:31

2. Cristo Es La Peña De Horeb (arranged by R.C. Savage) -2:23

3. Quebrantado Y Derramado (Broken and Spilled Out) (Gloria Gaither, Bill

George) -5:11

4. Oh Cristo, Yo Te Amo (My Jesus I Love Thee) (William Ralph Featherstone)/

En La Cruz (At the Cross) (Isaac Watts)/¡Cuán Grande Es Él! (How Great Thou Art)

(Carl Boberg) -5:05

5. Proclama Gloria Al Señor (Proclaim the Glory of the Lord (Dwight Niles, Niles

Borop) -2:37

6. Honra Al Señor (Honor the Lord) (Greg Davis, Greg Fisher) -2:37

7. Hay Una Senda/Solamente En Cristo (Tomás Estrada) -1:49

8. Cordero De Gloria (Lamb of Glory) (Greg Nelson, Phill McHugh) -4:56

9. Tienen Que Saber (People Need the Lord (Greg Nelson, Phill McHugh) -4:48

Listen to the album Tienen Que Saber here:

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