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Unbelievable Love (1995)

Updated: Mar 23

Unbelievable Love is the 14th studio album by Christian gospel singer Larnelle Harris, released in 1995 on Benson Records. Production duties were done by Lari Goss and the team of Bill Cuomo and Robert White Johnson each produced five songs. The album peaked at number 19 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. In 1996, Harris won his final Dove Award for Inspirational Album of the Year at the 27th GMA Dove Awards and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album.

Track listing

1. Unbelievable Love (Greg Long, Joe Beck, Brian White, Joel Lindsay) -4:33

2. Walkin’ with My Lord (Larnelle Harris, Bill Cuomo, Robert White Johnson) -4:03

3. I Look to You (Larnelle Harris, Bill Cuomo, Robert White Johnson) -

4. One Day (Joe Beck, Brian White, Connie Harrington) -4:50

5. No Wonder They Call Him Savior (Oliver Wells) -

6. I Don’t Know Why You Love Me (Larnelle Harris) -3:50

7. Cross the Line (Larnelle Harris) -

8. Stand Up and Be Counted (Larnelle Harris) -

9. As Long as the Heart Still Breaks (Larnelle Harris, David Allen Clark) -4:23

10. He Loved Me with a Cross (Joel Lindsay, Sue C. Smith) -6:10

Note: the songs with the running times are the only songs available to listen to on YouTube.


Dove Award -Inspirational Album of the Year (Unbelievable Love)

Radio singles

"Unbelievable Love" -#17 Christian AC

"I Don’t Know Why You Love Me" -#16 Christian AC

Previous release: Beyond All the Limits (1994)

Next release: First Love (1998)

Unfortunately, this album is not available on any digital or streaming platform and it is out of print. I did, however, make a playlist of only six songs from Unbelievable Love that are on YouTube. You can listen to them here:

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