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United We Stand/Divided We Fall (1990)

United We Stand/Divided We Fall is the eighth and final studio album by American singer - songwriter Benny Hester. It was released in late 1990 on Frontline Records with distribution by Benson Records. The album was produced by Hester and Bill Baumgart.

The title of the album is taken from the rock track "Break Out," which was sent to Christian Rock radio as the lead single, while "Rain, Rain, Rain" was the lead single to Christian AC and CHR formats. The album is pop/rock with some percussion to give it a world music feel. Hester and guitarist and songwriter Marty Walsh wrote seven songs, with songwriter Claire Cloninger co-writing the track "Too Bad She Didn't Want Me" and Hester writing the tracks, "Love Is Made Of This" and "Rain, Rain, Rain" by himself. Hester covers the American spiritual track "Climbing Jacob's Ladder" with arrangement by Baumgart featuring a children's choir.

United We Stand/Divided We Fall is Hester's second album on the Frontline label and is his final album release to date. After the album's release, Hester was focusing behind the scenes and served as one of the producers on the teen variety-comedy series Roundhouse that aired on Nickelodeon for two years from 1992 to 1994. Hester co-composed and co-wrote the music for the series. Guitarist Walsh was part of the Roundhouse Band. Hester and composer/

producer Buddy Sheffield won a CableACE Award for Original Song with "I Can Dream" for Roundhouse.

In 1998, this album and his previous Frontline release, Perfect, were issued as two albums in one CD by KMG Records. On the CD, the track "Too Bad She Didn't Want Me" was omitted due to time constraints.

Track listing

All songs were written by Benny Hester and Marty Walsh, except where noted.

1. Closer to Me -3:00

2. Love Is Made For This (Benny Hester) -3:26

3. These Old Dreams -3:26

4. Restless Nights -2:49

5. Noonday Night -4:35

6. You Can Have Mine -3:41

7. Rain, Rain, Rain (Benny Hester) -3:08

8. Too Bad She Didn't Want me (Benny Hester, Claire Cloninger) -2:03

9. Two Blue -3:36

10. Break Out -4:06

11. Climbing Jacob's Ladder (arranged by Bill Baumgart) -2:46

Radio singles

1991 "Rain, Rain, Rain" -#27 Christian AC

1991 "You Can Have Mine" -#20 Christian AC

Previous release: Perfect (1989)

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