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Perfect (1989)

Updated: May 30

Perfect is the seventh studio album by American singer - songwriter Benny Hester. Released in the summer of 1989, it was the first of two albums on the Frontline Records label with distribution by Benson Records. Hester produced the album with Bill Baumgart, who was Benson's director of A&R at the time.

After the lackluster release of his previous album Through the Window, Hester returns to familiar territory, almost reminiscent of Benny From Here mixing rock, pop and ballads. The singles, the title song, "You Weren't Meant to Live Your Life Alone" and "Before You Know It" were all Christian radio hits. Hester also covers the church hymn "Shall We Gather at the River?" Perfect did not chart on the Top Christian Albums chart in Billboard magazine, though not necessarily considered a failure. In 1998, this album and his final release, United We Stand/Divided We Fall, were issued as two albums in one CD by KMG Records.

Track listings

1. Headlights On the Highway (Lauren Stainecker) -3:36

2. Before You Know It (Benny Hester, Brent Maher) -4:16

3. If You Die Before You Die (Benny Hester, Niles Borop) -4:41

4. Perfect (Benny Hester) -4:46

5. Hungry World (Benny Hester, Keith Lanier) -3:59

6. You Weren't Meant to Live Your Life Alone (Benny Hester, Niles Borop) -5:10

7. Two Good Reasons (Benny Hester, Keith Lanier) -4:29

8. This One's For Keeping (Benny Hester, Claire Cloninger) -3:46

9. Passion, Possession, Position (Benny Hester, Bill Baumgart, Tim Heintz) -3:50

10. Shall We Gather at the River? (written by Robert Lowry; music by Velton Ray

Bunch) -3:50

Radio singles

1989 "Perfect" -#4 Christian CHR, #5 Christian AC

1989 "You Weren't Meant to Live Your Life Alone" -#10 Christian CHR, #6 Christian


1990 "Before You Know It" -#6 Christian CHR, #15 Christian AC

1990 "Shall We Gather at the River?" -#34 Christian AC

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