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Yo Kidz! (1992)

Updated: May 3

Yo Kidz! is the eighth studio and first children's music album by Christian singer -songwriter Carman. It was released in the fall of 1992 by Everland, a Word Records label that specializes in children's music. Subtitled "heroes, stories and songs from the Bible," Yo Kidz! features Carman singing songs made for children in a contemporary way with dialog segments and also features a character named Lawrence the Kat (voiced by Michael-Anthony Taylor) who joins Carman at his neighborhood. The album contains the Christian radio hit ballad "Somewhere Within the Heart" with CCM singer -songwriter Cindy Morgan. Morgan also provides lead vocals on the chorus of the track "I Will Go Where You Will Go." Yo Kidz! peaked at number 11 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. In 1993, Carman won his first competitive Dove Award for Children's Music Album of the Year at the 24th GMA Dove Awards. Carman has won previous Dove Awards in the long form music video categories. It was produced by Christopher Harris and Ron Krueger, with Krueger writing the dialog.

Track listing

1. Downtown One Night... (dialog) -2:41

2. Hall of Faith (rap by Scat Springs) (David Mullen, Anthony Miracle) -3:14

3. Man, Are You For Real? (dialog) -0:39

4. The Cat Vibe (featuring Lawrence the Kat) (Carman Licciardello, Michael-

Anthony Taylor) -2:37

5. That's How I Get the Gang (dialog) -0:43

6. Joe Is a Hero (Joseph) (lead vocal chorus by Howard Smith) (Carman

Licciardello, Mike Hill, David Mullen, Anthony Miracle) -4:09

7. Like Boyz in the Pasture (dialog) -0:39

8. Sling Bang Boom (David) (lead vocals by Michael-Anthony Taylor) (David

Mullen, Anthony Miracle) -3:20

9. There's a Place for Me? (dialog) -0:18

10. Somewhere Within the Heart (duet with Cindy Morgan) (Carman

Licciardello, Michael-Anthony Taylor, Gary Oliver) -4:58

11. Daniel and the Dangerous Dudes (David Mullen, Anthony Miracle) -3:28

12. A New Life in a New Place (dialog) -1:01

13. I Will Go Where You Will Go (Ruth) (lead vocal chorus by Cindy Morgan)

(David Mullen, Anthony Miracle) -3:57

14. Havin' Second Thoughts About This (dialog) -0:35

15. Are You the One? (John the Baptist) (rap by Scat Springs) (Carman

Licciardello) -4:35

16. Hey, Look Who's Back! (dialog) -1:35

17. Peter Walked on the Water (Carman Licciardello, Gary Oliver) -2:56

18. I Felt Like One a' Those Bible Heroes Myself (dialog) -2:54

19. Turned On, Sold Out, Hooked on Jesus (lead vocals by Michael-Anthony

Taylor) (Carman Licciardello, Michael-Anthony Taylor, David Mullen, Ron

Krueger) -3:21


Dove Award -Children's Music Album of the Year (Yo Kidz!)

Radio singles

1992 "Somewhere Within the Heart" with Cindy Morgan -#1 Christian AC

Previous release: Addicted to Jesus (1991)

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