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The Absolute Best (1993)

Updated: May 5

The Absolute Best is the first compilation album by Christian singer - songwriter Carman. It was originally released on February 24, 1993 by Sparrow Records. This collection features 13 of Carman's best songs and tracks including live highlights of "Sunday's On the Way" (from Shakin' the House) and "Lord of All" (from Live...

Radically Saved), plus a live recording of "The Champion" and a previously unreleased track "Serve the Lord." "Serve the Lord" was the only new track released to Christian AC radio as a single accompanied by a music video. The track was produced and arranged by David Foster, whose production credits in the mainstream pop music world include Olivia Newton-John, Chicago, Céline Dion, Toni Braxton and Michael Bublé among others. "Serve the Lord" was nominated for a Dove Award in 1994 for Inspirational Recorded Song of the Year. The Absolute Best climbed to number 4 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. Two years after its release, The Absolute Best was certified Gold and then in 2002, it went Platinum selling over a million copies by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

NOTE: the live recording of "The Champion" was recorded live at the Myriad Auditorium in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on April 3, 1992.

The Absolute Best is not available as a digital album and it is out of print as a physical release. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Carman Licciardello, except where noted.

1. I Got the Joy (duet with Carl Pearson) (from Revival in the Land) -4:31

2. Sunday's On the Way (with the Christ Church Choir) (from Shakin' the

House...Live!) -6:17

3. Revive Us, Oh Lord (Carman Licciardello, Steve Camp) (from The Champion)


4. Lazarus Come Forth (from Comin' On Strong) -6:29

5. Soap Song (from Live...Radically Saved) -1:54

6. Lord of All (from Live...Radically Saved) -4:04

7. Revival in the Land (Carman Licciardello, Keith Thomas) (from Revival in the

Land) -6:30

8. God's Got an Army (from Revival in the Land) -4:23

9. No Way, We Are Not Ashamed (from Live...Radically Saved) -4:17

10. Radically Saved (from Live...Radically Saved) -2:30

11. This Blood (from Revival in the Land) -5:31

12. Fear Not, My Child (duet with Kim Boyce) (from The Champion) -4:55

13. Celebrating Jesus (from Live...Radically Saved) -4:18

14. The Champion (live recording, originally from The Champion) -6:53

15. Serve the Lord (previously unreleased) -5:14

Gold certified in 1995.

Platinum certified in 2002.

Production credits

Keith Thomas -producer (tracks 1, 3 -10, 12 and 14)

Dan Cleary -producer (track 2)

Phil Naish -producer (track 11)

John Andrew Schreiner -producer (track 13)

David Foster -producer (track 15)

Radio singles

1993 "Serve the Lord" -#5 Christian AC

Previous release: Yo Kidz! (1992)

Next release: The Standard (1993)

Listen to the full-length album The Absolute Best here:

Watch the music video of "Serve the Lord" here:

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