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The Standard (1993)

Updated: May 6

The Standard is the eighth studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Carman, released on September 13, 1993 on Sparrow Records.

It is Carman's second release of 1993 (his compilation album The Absolute Best was released earlier that year). It is a concept album, along with his book called Raising the Standard: Reclaiming Our World for God, that deals with the theme of taking God back into this world. The album and book both talk about what Christians face, such as no prayer in public schools, the barring of Christianity in public places and young lives lost to abortion among other topics. All that remains for Christians to do is to raise the standard and reclaim the world to Christ.

Carman worked with various producers on The Standard with Christopher Harris,

Mark Heimermann, Brown Bannister, Robbie Buchanan, Dan Cleary and MIchael Omartian. CCM singer - songwriter Margaret Becker duets with Carman on the track "Holdin' On" and the album's highlights is a story song about needing God in America on "America Again" which is the central theme of the album.

The Standard topped the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, giving Carman his third number one album. The track "Who's In the House" was nominated for a Dove Award for Rap/Hip Hop/Dance Recorded Song of the Year in 1994 and "America Again" was nominated for Song of the Year in 1995. Carman released two companion videos on VHS: The Standard contains five music videos from the album and "Serve the Lord" from The Absolute Best and Raising the Standard Live features tour highlights from his 1994 tour. The album was Gold certified in 1994 and Platinum certified in 1998. Both of his videos were also certified sellers with his video collection gone Platinum and his concert video gone Gold.

Track listing

All songs were written by Carman Licciardello, except where noted.

1. Who's In the House (Carman Licciardello, Michael-Anthony Taylor) -3:38

2. Now's the Time -3:55

3. Great God -4:07

4. Everybody Praise the Lord (Carman Licciardello, Gary Oliver) -5:11

5. The River -3:46

6. Marchin' and Movin' (Carman Licciardello, Gary Oliver) -4:05

7. Sunday School Rock -3:33

8. Holdin' On (duet with Margaret Becker) -3:56

9. Lord, I Love You -3:52

10. America Again (underscoring by Michael Omartian) -5:54

Gold certified in 1994.

Platinum certified in 1998.

Production credits

Brown Bannister -producer (tracks 2, 3, 7 and 9)

Christopher Harris and Mark Heimermann -producers (tracks 1 and 6)

Dan Cleary -producer (tracks 4 and 8)

Robbie Buchanan -producer (track 5)

David Foster -executive producer (track 5)

Michael Omartian -producer (track 10)

Radio singles

1993 "Who's In the House" -#23 Christian CHR

1993 "The River" -#6 Christian AC

1994 "America Again" -#28 Christian AC

1994 "Lord, I Love You" -#37 Christian AC

1994 "Great God" -#20 Christian CHR

Watch Carman's music video collection The Standard here:

Watch the live concert video Raising the Standard Live here:

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