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Shakin' the House...Live! (1991)

Updated: May 11

Shakin' the House...Live! is a live album featuring Christian singer - songwriter Carman, Christian gospel group Commisioned and the Christ Church Choir. It was released in the spring of 1991 by Benson Records. The live album was recorded at the Christ Church in Nashville, Tennessee on January 25, 1991.

It features the artists coming together for a once-in-a-lifetime worship experience. Producer Dan Cleary wrote on the CD liner notes that "the crowd went absolutely wild. About halfway through the concert, one of the pastors came out and asked the crowd to sway side to side instead of jumping up and down, because the floor was literally 'shaken' with all the celebration." Carman performs his classic signature story song, "Sunday's On the Way" along with "Jesus Is the Light" and "I Got the Joy." Commissioned perform their songs, "So Good to Know (The Savior)," "I Am Here" and "If My People."

The Christ Church Choir performs "Pray for Peace" and "Let the Church Rise." All three artists perform two songs: "Celebrate Jesus" and "The Same God." Shakin' the House...Live! peaked at number 4 on the Top Christian Albums chart in Billboard magazine. In 1992, the live album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Pop/Contemporary Gospel Album.

Track listing

1. Celebrate Jesus (Carman, Commissioned and the Christ Church Choir) (Gary

Oliver) -4:05

2. Jesus Is the Light (Carman) (Carman Licciardello) -6:40

3. I Got the Joy (Carman) (Carman Licciardello) -4:36

4. So Good to Know (The Savior) (Commissioned) (Michael Brooks) -6:54

5. I Am Here (Commissioned) (Mitchell Jones, Parkes Stewart) -9:16

6. Pray for Peace (The Christ Church Choir) (Dana Key) -3:52

7. Let the Church Rise (The Christ Church Choir) (Jeoffrey Benward, Galen Butler)


8. Sunday's On the Way (Carman with the Christ Church Choir) (Carman)

(Carman Licciardello) -6:17

9. The Same God (Carman, Commissioned and the Christ Church Choir) (Geoff

Thurman, Wayne Berry) -4:08

10. If My People (Commissioned) (Michael Brooks) -4:59


Carman -vocals


Fred Hammond -vocals, bass guitar

Mitchell Jones -vocals

Marvin Sapp -vocals

Karl Reid -vocals

Maxx Frank -keyboards

Michael Williams -drums

Eddie Howard, Jr. -keyboards

Christ Church Choir -vocals

Radio singles

1991 "The Same God" (by Carman, Commissioned and the Christ Church Choir) -

#8 Christian CHR, #5 Christian AC

1991 "Celebrate Jesus" (by Carman, Commissioned and the Christ Church Choir) -

#31 Christian AC


Previous release: Revival in the Land (1989)


Previous release: A Collection (1991) (compilation album)

Next release: Number 7 (1991)

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