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Addicted to Jesus (1991)

Updated: May 2

Addicted to Jesus is the seventh studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Carman, originally released on October 29, 1991 by Benson Records and reissued in 1993 by Sparrow Records.

Addicted to Jesus continues the success of his previous studio release Revival in the Land with its mix of R&B, gospel, pop, rock and, for the first time, rap. Featured artists on the album are Petra ("Our Turn Now"), DC Talk ("Addicted to Jesus") and Commissioned ("Come Into This House"). In 1992, Carman released a companion video on VHS also titled Addicted to Jesus featuring seven of its nine-track music videos. He worked with several producers on this album including Keith Thomas, John and Dino Elefante and Dan Cleary, who also executive produced as well. The Christ Church Choir provides choral vocals on the final track "The Third Heaven."

Addicted to Jesus topped the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart for 10 non-

consecutive weeks and became another big seller. The album and long form video were both Gold certified in 1992 and 1993 by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America). Carman was named the number one CCM Artist of the Year on Billboard magazine's Year-End issue. The long form video won the Dove Award in 1993 for Long Form Music Video of the Year.

Track listing

All songs were written by Carman Licciardello, except where noted.

1. Our Turn Now (featuring Petra) -5:32

2. Holy Ghost Hop (Carman Licciardello, Keith Thomas) -4:15

3. Satan, Bite the Dust (Carman Licciardello, Keith Thomas) -3:57

4. 1955 -4:43

5. Hunger for Holiness -5:54

6. Come Into This House (featuring Commissioned) (Carman Licciardello, Gary

Oliver) -4:34

7. Addicted to Jesus (featuring DC Talk) (Carman Licciardello, Toby McKeehan,

Joe Hogue) -5:11

8. Jesus Is the Way (Carman Licciardello, Keith Thomas) -4:03

9. The Third Heaven -7:49

Addicted to Jesus long form video Gold certified in 1992.

Addicted to Jesus Gold certified in 1993.

Production credits

Keith Thomas -producer (tracks 2, 3, 6, 8 and 9)

John and Dino Elefante -producers (track 1)

Brian Tankersley -producer (track 4)

Dan Cleary -producer (tracks 5 and 7)

Joe Hogue -co-producer (track 7)


Dove Award -Long Form Music Video of the Year (Addicted to Jesus)

Radio singles

1991 "Satan, Bite the Dust" -#14 Christian CHR, #16 Christian AC

1992 "Jesus Is the Way" -#11 Christian AC

1992 "Addicted to Jesus" featuring DC Talk -#16 Christian CHR

1992 "1955" -#23 Christian AC

1993 "Come Into This House" featuring Commissioned -#18

Church Choir) (1991)

Next release: Yo Kidz! (1992)

Watch the Dove Award winning long form video of Addicted to Jesus here:

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