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A Beautiful Sound (2002)

A Beautiful Sound is the 12th studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Geoff Moore, released on March 26, 2002. This would be his final album on the ForeFront label, after being on there since the 1990s. A Beautiful Sound is Moore's second post-Distance solo album continuing where he started with his 1999 self-titled album with the warm acoustic sound. Moore co-wrote songs with producer Brent Milligan, Marc Byrd, Joel Hanson of PFR and Pete Stewart. The last track is a live recording of "The Keeper," a song Moore co-wrote with his songwriting partner and friend Steven Curtis Chapman. (Originally, from Geoff Moore & The Distance's 1990 album Pure and Simple).

Track listing

1. A Beautiful Sound (Geoff Moore, Joel Hanson) -4:12

2. God Believes in You (Pierce Pettis) -3:26

3. Surrounded (Geoff Moore, Marc Byrd) -4:18

4. Impossible (Geoff Moore, Brent Milligan, Tyler Burkum) -4:56

5. Swept Away (Geoff Moore, Blair Masters) -3:37

6. The Artist (Geoff Moore, Marc Byrd) -4:22

7. All I Want (Geoff Moore, Marc Byrd) -4:24

8. Every Word You Say (Geoff Moore, Brent Milligan, Pete Stewart) -3:25

9. Fall Down (Trevor Morgan, Eric Quiram) -4:05

10. Come As You Are (Geoff Moore, Joel Hanson) -4:16

11. The Keeper (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) (live recording) -4:47

Previous release: Geoff Moore (1999)

Next release: Every Single One – Part I and II (2005)

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