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Geoff Moore (1999)

Updated: Jan 24

Geoff Moore is a self-titled solo album by Christian singer - songwriter Geoff Moore, released on September 21, 1999 by ForeFront Records. The album is produced by Monroe Jones.

This is Moore's eleventh album overall, counting his seven albums he recorded with his touring band The Distance, plus three early albums he recorded before forming The Distance on the Benson label in the mid 1980s. Moore's self-titled solo album focuses on his songwriting skills and a warm, acoustic sound. The album's laid-back, genuine feel is exemplified by tracks like "Out Here," a cover of Rich Mullins' "Boy Like Me, Man Like You," "Land of No Regret" and "Thanks to You," a duet with Moore's writing collaborator and friend Steven Curtis Chapman. Moore also covers "Bless the Broken Road" as "God Bless the Broken Road," a song that would be a hit in both the Country and Christian markets by Rascal Flatts and Selah, respectively, in the mid 2000s. A music video was made for the track.

Geoff Moore climbed to number 22 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Track listing

1. Out Here (Geoff Moore, Jeff Silvey) -5:17

2. String Around Your Fingers (Geoff Moore, Brent Milligan) -4:15

3. Through It (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -4:28

4. Boy Like Me, Man Like You (Rich Mullins, David "Beaker" Strasser) -4:06

5. Thanks to You (with Steven Curtis Chapman) (Geoff Moore. Steven Curtis

Chapman) -3:32

6. With You (Geoff Moore, Roscoe Meek) -3:27

7. Land of No Regret (Geoff Moore, Roscoe Meek) -4:28

8. My Own Back Yard (Geoff Moore, Brent Milligan) -4:38

9. Belong (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -4:33

10. Best Friends, God's Love & Great Times (Geoff Moore, Roscoe Meek) -4:58

11. God Bless the Broken Road (Bobby Boyd, Jeff Hanna, Marcus Hummon) -4:02

12. Overflow (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -4:09

Radio single

1999 "String Around My Finger" -#14 Christian CHR, #6 Christian AC

Previous release: Threads (1997)

Watch the music video of "God Bless the Broken Road" here:

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