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A Place to Stand (1988)

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

A Place to Stand is the fourth studio and first album by Christian singer - songwriter Geoff Moore and his touring band The Distance. It was released in 1988 and was the first of two albums on Sparrow Records. A Place to Stand was the first time that Moore's band The Distance was fully credited and involved in making the album. The album is produced by Billy Smiley. "Heart and Soul" was released as the lead single and was an immediate hit climbing to the Top 5 on the Christian radio charts and the title song, featuring Petra members lead singer John Schlitt on backing vocals and Bob Hartman on guitar, and "Go to the Moon" were hits on the Christian Rock chart.

Track listing

1. A Place to Stand (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Arlin Troyer, Lang Bliss, Tom Reynolds, Billy Smiley) -4:54

2. Go to the Moon (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver) -4:14

3. Heart and Soul (David Martin) -4:33

4. Outsiders (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Arlin Troyer, Tom Reynolds) -4:36

5. On a Night Like This (David Martin) -3:57

6. I Come Out Fighting (Bob Halligan Jr.) -4:05

7. Tender Hearts (Billy Smiley, Chris Rodriguez) -4:58

8. Calling Londontown (Dave Perkins, Rob Frazier) -4:39

9. You've Heard It Before (Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Arlin Troyer, Tom Reynolds, Billy Smiley) -4:06

10. One of Us (Geoff Moore, Steven Curtis Chapman) -4:20


Geoff Moore & The Distance:

Geoff Moore -lead vocals

Dale Oliver -guitar

Arlin Troyer -bass guitar

Lang Bliss -drums, assitant engineer

Tom Reynolds -keyboards

Radio singles

1988 "Heart and Soul" -#14 Christian CHR, #2 Christian AC

1988 "One of Us" -#11 Christian AC

1988 "Tender Hearts" -#33 Christian AC

Previous release: The Distance (1987)

Next release: Foundations (1989)

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