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Abbey Road Sessions/The Walk (2005)

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Abbey Road Sessions/The Walk is a 2005 extended play and DVD release by Christian singer - songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman on Sparrow Records. On the EP, it features five classic songs (two of those songs appeared previously on his 1997 compilation album Greatest Hits) recorded in 1997 at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, England. The DVD is the 1997 documentary The Walk, featuring four music videos, in-depth interviews, behind the scenes on tour and more.

Track listing

1. Lord of the Dance (Steven Curtis Chapman, Scotty Smith) -5:15

2. The Walk (Steven Curtis Chapman) -5:23

3. More To This Life (Steven Curtis Chapman, Phil Naish) -3:08

4. For the Sake of the Call (Steven Curtis Chapman) -5:26

5. Treasure of You (Steven Curtis Chapman, Geoff Moore) -4:03

Previous release: All Things New (2004)

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