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Back to the Rock! (1981)

Updated: Feb 3

Back to the Rock! is a Christian music compilation sampler album that was released in 1981 on Maranatha! Music's A&S Records label. The album features music from their roster of artists including John Melher and Malcolm and the Mirrors, plus songs by Tamarack (on two tracks), Tim Koller and Rob Mehl. Leslie Phillips was first heard on this album with her first song "Bring Me Through." This was before she signed a recording contract with Myrrh Records. Phillips re-recorded "Bring Me Through" for her debut album Beyond Saturday Night (1983). An early recording of "Child of the Father" was recorded by Mike & Von Rogers. Christian rock singer Mylon LeFevre covered the song for his debut Christian album Brand New Start (1982) featuring his band Broken Heart.

Track listing

1. Bow and Arrow (John Melher) (John Mehler, Bill Batstone) -3:39

2. Can't Live Without Him (Malcolm and the Mirrors) (Malcolm Wild, Sheryl

Purdum, Richard Cimino) -2:58

3. Bring Me Through (Leslie Phillips) (Leslie Phillips) -4:28

4. Good Times, Bad Times (Tamarack) (Rob Watson) -4:00

5. May You Get All the Glory (Tim Koller) (Tim Koller) -5:57

6. Gotta Keep Loving You (Ben Mendoza) (Ben Mendoza) -4:34

7. Love Him (James Ledlie Band) (James and Tricia Ledlie) -3:46

8. Child of the Father (Mike & Von Rogers) (Michael David Rogers) -2:49

9. House on the Rock (Rob Mehl) (Rob Mehl) -3:26

10. Here I Am (Tamarack) (Cathy and Dave Spurr) -3:29

Production credits

Dan Willard -producer (tracks 2, 3, 5 -7)

John Mehler -producer (track 1)

Jonathan David Brown -producer (tracks 4 and 10)

Gerry Limpic -producer (track 9)

Randy Bugg and Sonny Lallerstedt -producers (track 8)

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