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Brand New Start (1982)

Updated: Jan 8

Brand New Start is the debut album by the Christian rock band Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart. Released in 1982, it was their one and only album on MCA Records' Songbird label. Although no Christian radio hits were released from this album, songs like "Child of the Father" and the title song were their earliest hits. A music video was made for "Stranger to Danger," one of their stronger songs on the album. It was produced by LeFevre, Dean Harrington and Joe Hardy and features guest musicians Eddie DeGarmo of DeGarmo & Key on the keyboards and organ, Phil Driscoll on trumpet and flugehorn and John Hampton played drums on all tracks.

Track listing

1. Stranger to Danger (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington) -4:48

2. Child of the Father (Michael David Rogers) -3:36

3. You Comfort Me (Mylon LeFevre, Eddie DeGarmo, Dana Key) -2:49

4. Waitin' on Heaven (Pat Terry) -3:26

5. Broken Heart (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington, Mike Adams) -4:30

6. The Light (Stan Coates) -4:01

7. Our Desire (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington) -3:38

8. To Be Real (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington, Kenny Bentley) -3:07

9. Inner Mission/A Brand New Start (Mylon LeFevre, Dean Harrington) -5:07


Mylon LeFevre & Broken Heart:

Mylon LeFevre -lead vocals

Dean Harrington -lead guitar, classical guitar, resonator guitar [dobro], congas

Joe Hardy -electric bass, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, percussion, engineer

Stan Coates -keyboards, piano, backing vocals

Mike Adams -rhythm guitar

Next release: More (1983)

Listen to the album Brand New Start here:

Watch the music video of "Stranger to Danger" here:

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