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Beyond Saturday Night (1983)

Updated: Feb 16

Beyond Saturday Night is the debut studio album by American singer-songwriter Leslie Phillips, released in 1983 on Myrrh Records.

The album's style is placed between Christian artist Amy Grant and Fleetwood Mac vocalist Stevie Nicks in the pop/rock vein. Phillips wrote and co-wrote eight of the album's ten songs and was produced by Jack Joseph Puig. Her cover of Christian folk rock singer Mark Heard's "Heart of Hearts" was released as the first single and music video.

Track listing

All songs written by Leslie Phillips, except where noted.

1. Hourglass -3:33

2. Gina (Leslie Phillips, Matthew Chapman, Purvis Orso) -3:36

3. Put Your Heart in Me -4:05

4. I'm Finding -3:26

5. Beyond Saturday Night (John Fischer) -4:30

6. Bring Me Through -4:49

7. Heart of Hearts (Mark Heard) -3:16

8. Will They Love Him (Leslie Phillips, Daniel Brown) -4:34

9. He's Gonna Hear You Crying -3:14

10. Let Me Give -3:47

Radio singles

"Heart of Hearts" -#14 Christian AC

"I'm Finding" -#31 Christian AC

Next release: Dancing with Danger (1984)

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