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Behold the Man (1981)

Updated: Apr 2

Behold the Man is the one and only studio album by the Christian music band Zion, released independently in 1981. It is Rich Mullins' first early album with the group that also consists of vocalists Beth Snell, Tom Weimer (also on guitar) and Jenny Filson (also on synthesizer). Mullins wrote all the songs and played piano and dulcimer. Three of the eight songs would be revisited on future albums: "Hope to Carry On" (later recorded on Never Picture Perfect and covered by Caedmon's Call in 1997), "Heaven in His Eyes" (later recorded on The Jesus Record; first on disc one: The Jesus Demos sung by Mullins and second on disc two: The Jesus Record with lead vocals by Michael W. Smith) and "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" but listed as "Praise to the Lord" (later recorded on Mullins' 1996 compilation album Songs). Amy Grant recorded her version in 1981 for her 1982 best seller Age to Age but omitted the middle section. Mullins would record the new recording with the middle section intact from the original recording. After Behold the Man was released, Mullins left the band in pursuit of a solo career as well as songwriting. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Rich Mullins.

1. Praise to the Lord -5:38

2. For Unto Us -2:06

3. The Way to Love You -5:07

4. Lord Help Me Be -3:09

5. Nothing In This World -4:07

6. You Can Live Without Him -5:16

7. Hope to Carry On -2:16

8. Heaven In His Eyes -4:36

Next release: Rich Mullins (1986)

Listen to the album Behold the Man by Zion here:

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