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Rich Mullins (1986)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Rich Mullins is the 1986 self-titled debut studio album by Christian singer -songwriter Rich Mullins, released on Reunion Records. This would be the first of many albums to be produced by Reed Arvin starting a long collaboration up to his 1993 album A Litugy, A Legacy and a Ragamuffin Band. It is in this album that the song "Elijah" was first recorded. Mullins would revisit the song in re-recorded form 10 years later on his 1996 compilation album Songs. Amy Grant (who has previously recorded his songs "Sing Your Praise to the Lord" and "Doubly Good to You") provided guest vocals on the song "Live Right."

Track listing

All songs were written by Rich Mullins, except where noted.

1. A Few Good Men -3:47

2. A Place to Stand -4:18

3. Live Right (guest vocals by Amy Grant) (Rich Mullins, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Reed

Arvin) -4:36

4. New Heart (Rich Mullins, Reed Arvin) -3:17

5. Elijah -4:45

6. Nothing But a Miracle -4:20

7. Both Feet on the Ground (Rich Mullins, Niles Borop) -4:02

8. These Days (Rich Mullins, Pam Mark Hall) -3:40

9. Prisoner -3:28

10. Save Me -3:00

Radio singles

1986 "A Few Good Men" -#12 Christian CHR

1986 "Elijah" -#26 Christian AC

1986 "These Days" -#29 Christian AC

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