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Pictures in the Sky (1987)

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Pictures in the Sky is the second studio album by Christian singer -songwriter Rich Mullins, released in 1987 on Reunion Records. An early recording of the song "Screen Door" clocking in at 1:27 appears on this album but a full-length 2:11 radio version would appear on his 1996 compilation album Songs. "Screen Door" became a concert favorite. Mullins wrote the song in Chattanooga, TN on a trip to Knoxville, originally intending to write a limerick. When performing "Screen Door" in concert, Mullins and his band would sing the lyrics and create the song's unique rhythm by hitting plastic cups on a table in a synchronized pattern. In addition to "Screen Door," other songs like "Verge of a Miracle" and the title song did well in Christian radio and climbed up to the Top Ten on the Christian charts. Produced by Reed Arvin.

Track listing

1. When You Love (Rich Mullins) -3:30

2. It's Don't Do (Rich Mullins, Steve Cudworth) -3:41

3. Verge of a Miracle (Rich Mullins) -4:13

4. Pictures in the Sky (Rich Mullins) -4:00

5. Be With You (Rich Mullins, Justin Peters) -3:00

6. Screen Door (Rich Mullins) -1:27

7. What Trouble Are Giants (Rich Mullins) -3:59

8. Steal At Any Price (Rich Mullins, Wayne Kirkpatrick) -4:22

9. Could Be A Celebration (Rich Mullins, Reed Arvin, Renee Garcia, Lang Bliss, Gary

Jones) -3:31

10. Love That Knows No Bounds (Rich Mullins, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Cathy Synder) -3:46

Radio singles

1987 "Verge of a Miracle" -#5 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

1987 "Screen Door" (full-length radio single) -#2 Christian CHR, #7 Christian AC

1987 "Pictures in the Sky" -#4 Christian CHR, #2 Christian AC

1988 "Could Be A Celebration" -#29 Christian AC

Previous release: Rich Mullins (1986)

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