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Big God (1991)

Updated: Feb 23

Big God is the 34th studio album by the Christian music vocal group The Imperials, released in 1991 on Star Song Records.

The personnel line-up for this album consists of Armond Morales, David Will and two new singers Jonathan Pierce (who was credited on the album by his birth name Jonathan Hildreth. Pierce is his middle name) and, in an Imperials first, Armond's sister Pam Morales. Pam would be the first and only female member of the group. Morales and Pierce replaced Ron Hemby and David Robertson who both previously appeared on the 1990 album Love's Still Changing Hearts.

Jason Beddoe was with the group temporarily but he left the group while in the midst of recording Big God so Armond brought Pam to fill in for Beddoe. This line-up would stay on until their next album, Stir It Up (1992). Big God peaked at number 22 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. The album is produced by Ken Mansfield, whose association credits include The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Dolly Parton, Waylon Jennings and Andy Williams among others.

Track listing

1. Big God (John Olson, Terry Esau) -6:13

2. Take Me There (Bill Cantos, Julius Drummin, Ty Lacy) -4:31

3. Nothing Less (Gary Driskell, Leonard Ahlstrom) -5:27

4. What Can I Do with This Love (Woman at the Well) (Jerome Olds) -4:49

5. Rescue Me (Richey Biggs, Dennis Patton) -5:21

6. Streams in the Desert (David Martin, Billy Smiley) -4:12

7. Closer Than a Brother (Todd Cooper, Bo Cooper) -4:43

8. All the Paths (Dino Pastin, Janna Pastin, Jeff Slaughter) -5:04

9. Carry Your Heart to Me (Regie Hamm, Joel Lindsey) -4:00

10. Stand on the Rock (Rick Vito) -4:34


The Imperials:

Armond Morales -bass, vocals

David Will -baritone, vocals

Pam Morales -alto, lead vocals

Jonathan Pierce -tenor, lead vocals

Radio singles

1991 "Nothing Less" -#13 Christian AC

1992 "Carry Your Heart to Me" -#8 Christian AC

1992 "Take Me There" -#17 Christian AC

Next release: Stir It Up (1992)

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