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Chagall Guevera (1991)

Updated: Jun 12

Chagall Guevara is the self-titled debut album by the alternative rock collective Chagall Guevara. It was released in 1991 and their only album on MCA Records. Sparrow Records reissued the album later in the year. The album was produced by the band with record producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More, Train).

It was a super group consisting of Christian artists and musicians attempting to crossover into the mainstream rock market. After the controversial 1987 album I Predict 1990, Christian musician Steve Taylor temporarily left the Christian music industry to form the rock collective Chagall Guevara. The band was named after Communist revolutionary Che Guevara and painter Marc Chagall to imply the meaning "revolutionary art." Band members also included Dave Perkins, Lynn Nichols and Mike Mead. Tim Chandler of the Christian rock band Daniel Amos did play bass guitar but quit during rehearsals. Christian rock musician Rick Cua was brought in to replace Chandler on bass on their first recorded track "Tale O' the Twister." The track appeared on the soundtrack to the motion picture Pump Up the Volume (1990).

The band spent most of 1990 recording their debut album, along with new bass player Wade Jaynes. Chagall Guevara was released and contained their lead single and their music video "Violent Blue." Against their wishes, the album was sold at Christian bookstores, by way of Sparrow Records, and other songs were released to Christian Rock radio such as "Play God," "Escher's World" and "Murder in the Big House." The band broke up in 1993 and Taylor would start work on his next studio album Squint. Taylor worked on a Chagall Guevara follow-up album with some rare B-sides and new tracks but would not be released for nearly 30 years.

Track listing

All songs were written by Steve Taylor, Dave Perkins and Lynn Nichols.

1. Murder in the Big House -3:48

2. Escher's World -4:15

3. Play God -3:43

4. Monkey Grinder -7:00

5. Can You Feel the Chains? -3:09

6. Violent Blue -4:01

7. Love Is a Dead Language -4:11

8. Take Me Back to Love Canal -3:18

9. The Wrong George -2:00

10. Candy Guru -4:07

11. I Need Somebody -3:33

12. The Rub of Love -4:14

13. If It All Comes True -3:35


Chagall Guevara:

Steve Taylor -lead vocals on tracks 1, 3 -12, backing vocals on track 13

Dave Perkins -lead guitar, lead vocals on tracks 2 and 13, backing vocals

Lynn Nichols -guitar, backing vocals

Wade Jaynes -bass guitar

Mike Mead -drums

Steve Taylor:

Next release: Squint (1993)

Chagall Guevara:

Next release: The Last Amen (2021)

Watch the music video of "Violent Blue" here:

Watch a live performance of "Murder in the Big House" here:

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