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Doing My Best, Volume 2 (1992)

Updated: Jun 22

Doing My Best, Volume 2 is the second official compilation album under this name by Christian singer - songwriter Steve Camp, released in early 1992 on Sparrow Records. Released nearly six months after his final Sparrow album Consider the Cost and as a follow-up to his 1990 compilation Doing My Best, this collection contains 14 songs from his previous releases that are more rock and upbeat pop and no new tracks. Doing My Best, Volume 2 peaked at number 17 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. Camp had signed with Warner Alliance for his next album Taking Heaven by Storm.

Track listing

All songs were written by Steve Camp and Rob Frazier, except where noted.

1. Fire and Ice (from Fire and Ice) -2:58

2. Foolish Things (from One on One) -4:04

3. Living Dangerously in the Hands of God (from Justice) -5:11

4. One on One (duet with Margaret Becker) (Steve Camp, Margaret Becker) (from

One on One) -4:33

5. Squeeze (from Fire and Ice) -5:01

6. After God's Own Heart (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, John Rosasco) (from After

God's Own Heart) -5:18

7. Even Now (from Shake Me to Wake Me) -4:02

8. Playing Marbles With Diamonds (from Justice) -5:02

9. Help Is On the Way (Steve Camp, Carol Buckley-Frazier) (from Shake Me to

Wake Me) -4:08

10. Shake Me to Wake Me (from Shake Me to Wake Me) -4:35

11. Love's Not a Feeling (duet with Michele Pillar) (from Fire and Ice) -4:19

12. The Church is All of You (Steve Camp, John Rosasco) (from After God's Own

Heart) -5:30

13. Lazy Jane (from Shake Me to Wake Me) -3:24

14. I Believe in You (from Justice)-4:25

Production credits

Steve Camp -producer (all tracks)

John Rosasco -co-producer (tracks 1, 2, 4 -6, 11 and 12)

Previous release: Consider the Cost (1991)

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