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Taking Heaven by Storm (1993)

Updated: Jun 22

Taking Heaven by Storm is the eleventh studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Steve Camp. It was released in 1993 and it is the first of two albums on Warner Alliance Records, Warner Bros. Christian/Gospel label. The album is produced by Michael Omartian.

This is Camp's first time working with Omartian (Amy Grant, The Imperials, Rod Stewart, Christopher Cross) and the album would be very successful with a series of Christian radio singles that charted on both the Christian CHR and AC charts within a single year. Camp re-recorded a new version of "It's a Dying World." The new version is more pop/adult contemporary than the original rock track taken from the 1984 album of the same name. Camp and Omartian co-wrote four songs including the title song, as well as songwriting contributions by Rob Frazier, Gary Chapman, Claire Cloninger and John G. Elliot. The album produced two number one songs: "He Is Able" and "I'm Committed to You." Both of those songs were Camp's final number one Christian radio songs.

Taking Heaven by Storm peaked at number 9 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. Camp also released a concert video titled Sold Out!, which was released later in 1993 and features special guests Rob Frazier, who co-wrote and sings back up vocals on "He Is Able" and producer/musician Omartian on the keyboards. Camp performed songs from the album and classic favorites. Taking Heaven by Storm is currently out of print and is not available digitally. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. Taking Heaven by Storm (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, Michael Omartian) -5:38

2. Give Me Some Time (Steve Camp, Gary Chapman) -4:01

3. It's a Dying World (Steve Camp) -4:44

4. The Love I Found in You (Steve Camp, Gary Chapman, Michael Omartian) -3:48

5. He Is Able (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier) -4:27

6. I'm Not Ashamed (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier) -3:48

7. I'm Committed to You (Steve Camp, Gary Chapman, Rob Frazier) -4:00

8. All Things for Good (Steve Camp, Rob Frazier, MIchael Omartian) -4:04

9. The Lord's Prayer (arranged by Steve Camp and Michael Omartian) -4:33

10. In the Hands of God (Steve Camp, Claire Cloninger, John G. Elliot) -3:18

Radio singles

1993 "Taking Heaven by Storm" -#3 Christian CHR, #11 Christian AC

1993 "I'm Not Ashamed" -#18 Christian CHR

1993 "He Is Able" -#1 Christian AC

1993 -1994 "I'm Committed to You" -#1 Christian CHR for 5 weeks, #8 Christian AC

1994 "Give Me Some Time" -#21 Christian CHR

1994 "In the Hands of God" -#14 Christian AC

1994 "The Lord's Prayer" -#33 Christian AC

Listen to the album Taking Heaven by Storm here:

Watch the concert video Sold Out! here:

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