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Everything That's On My Mind (1994)

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Everything That's On My Mind is the fifth studio album by singer - songwriter Charlie Peacock, released in late 1994 on Sparrow Records. Peacock has written and produced the album himself.

After the release of Love Life, Peacock took a couple of years off focusing on producing and writing for other artists like his label mates Margaret Becker and Out of the Grey, his participation on the Keith Green tribute album No Compromise singing "I Can't Believe It," which became a Christian CHR hit and produced the Coram Deo worship albums. Around 1992, his father Bill Ashworth passed away so Peacock dedicated the album to him, particularly on the track "My Father's Crown."

In 1994, Peacock returned to the studio writing and producing Everything That's On My Mind. The album is more rock-oriented and takes a step back from the too-slick sound he has adopted since leaving Sacramento, California. The lead single "One Man Gets Around" is about the amazement of the fact that people all over the world know Jesus. It topped The CCM Update's Christian CHR chart for two weeks and went Top 5 on the Christian AC chart. "Inside Out, Upside Down" is a rocking testimony to human ignorance and features backing vocals from Brent Bourgeios and Steve Taylor. Out of the Grey also got involved on the album with Scott Denté playing acoustic guitar on the tracks "Aim a Little Higher" and "Dear Exception" and his wife Christine Denté providing backing vocals on the track "William & Maggie."

Everything That's On My Mind peaked at number 14 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart in February 1995. In 1996, Peacock was the first artist to win in the new category Modern Rock/Alternative Recorded Song of the Year for the track "Monkey's at the Zoo" and winning Producer of the Year at the 27th GMA Dove Awards. On the CD version, after the end of the last track "Dear Exception," there is five minutes of silence and then after the five minutes there is a near 17-minute interview with Peacock. On the digital version, the interview starts immediately after "Dear Exception."

Track listing on the digital album

All songs are written by Charlie Peacock, except where noted.

1. One Man Gets Around -4:16

2. Inside Out, Upside Down -4:30

3. Climb a Tree -4:34

4. Everything That's On My Mind (Charlie Peacock, Douglas Kaine McKelvey)


5. My Father's Crown -3:27

6. Aim a Little Higher (Charlie Peacock, Randy Vanwarmer) -4:04

7. William & Maggie (Charlie Peacock, Douglas Kaine McKelvey) -5:17

8. Monkeys at the Zoo -4:33

9. Slippery Pearls (Charlie Peacock, Douglas Kaine McKelvey) -4:07

10. Dear Exception (Charlie Peacock, Douglas Kaine McKelvey) -4:05


11. Interview with Charlie Peacock (produced by Nick Barré) -16:48


Dove Award -Producer of the Year

Modern Rock/Alternative Recorded Song of the Year ("Monkeys at

the Zoo")

Radio singles

1995 "One Man Gets Around" -#1 Christian CHR for 2 weeks, #5 Christian AC

1995 "Slippery Pearls" -#2 Christian CHR, #33 Christian AC

1995 "Inside Out, Upside Down" -#5 Christian CHR

Previous release: Love Life (1991)

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