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Out of the Grey

Updated: Jul 8

Out of the Grey is a husband-and-wife contemporary Christian music duo consisting of Scott and Christine Denté. Christine provides lead vocals, while Scott plays guitars and sings background, along with the occasional lead vocals. They have released seven studio albums, one best-of compilation and one live EP and have been involved in a number of other projects. Their 1991 self-titled debut album was named one of the 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music by CCM Magazine.

Meeting in 1985 at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts, the couple married in 1987 and moved to Nashville the following year where they recorded demos whenever they weren't waiting tables. Eventually, the twosome caught the ear of Sparrow Records' Peter York and entered the studio with singer/songwriter Charlie Peacock in the producer's chair.

Christine's voice-often ethereal and breathy but never weak-immediately captured attention, causing one reviewer to deem it "one of the most perfectly tuned instruments in Christian music." Meanwhile, Scott's biting and inventive turns on electric and acoustic guitars were balanced against Peacock's clean, simple production, which let the songs speak for themselves.


Out of the Grey (1991)

The Shape of Grace (1993)

Diamond Days (1994)

Gravity (1995)

(See Inside) (1997)

Remember This: The Out of the Grey Collection (1998) (compilation)

6.1 (2001)

Live 12-6-2000 (2001) (live EP)

A Little Light Left (2015)

Christine Denté solo projects/collaborations

Along the Road (with Susan Ashton and Margaret Becker) (1994)

Becoming (2003) (solo album)

Lost in Wonder: Voices of Worship (with Susan Ashton and Michelle Tumes) (2004)

Voyage (Journey of Prayer) (2009) (credited as Christine Denté and Out of the Grey)

Scott Denté solo projects/collaborations

Invention (1997) (with Phil Keaggy and Wes King)

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