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A Little Light Left (2015)

A Little Light Left is the seventh studio and most recent album by the husband and wife duo Out of the Grey. Released in late 2015, it is the duo's first album of new material in 14 years since 2001's 6.1. Scott and Christine Denté decided to produce A Little Light Left as an independent effort. They launched a Kickstarter campaign, "$35K in 35 Days," to fund the project. The campaign was successful beyond its target, and they began work on the album.

In addition to the Dentés producing and writing the album themselves, their son Julian Denté and Ken Lewis were co-producers with Scott Denté serving as executive producer. Scott Denté sings lead on two songs: "Speak" and "Dropped Off."

Track listing

All songs were written by Scott and Christine Denté, except where noted.

1. We're Still Here -5:13

2. Giving Up Slow (Scott and Christine Denté, Julian Denté) -4:09

3. Bubble Girl -2:58

4. The Distance -3:55

5. Speak (Scott and Christine Denté, Julian Denté) -3:48

6. Only Love Remains (Scott and Christine Denté, Julian Denté) -3:19

7. Dropped Off -3:34

8. Two to Wonder (instrumental) -1:13

9. Hard to Die -3:45

10. A Little Light Left -5:49

11. Travel Well -3:28

Production credits

Out of the Grey -producers (all tracks)

Julian Denté -co-producer (tracks 2, 5 and 6)

Ken Lewis -co-producer (tracks 1, 3 and 11)

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