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6.1 (2001)

6.1 is the sixth studio album by the husband and wife duo Out of the Grey. After leaving their former label Sparrow Records, the Dentés returned with their first new album in four years and released on August 15, 2001. It was their one and only album on the Rocketown Records label and produced by Monroe Jones.

The duo saw the new album as an opportunity to redefine themselves as a band, and this hope is reflected in the album's name, 6.1. In an interview, the Dentés said "This time around, we were told to forget about the mentality of trying to write a certain way. It's been a long time since we've been able to let go and feel the freedom to do what we like and be what we want to be." Although the album gained favorable reviews, it would be their last as a band until 2015. The song "Shine Like Crazy" would be the only single to be released and give them their final Top Ten Christian AC hit.

6.1 was dedicated to Scott Denté's father Vincent Denté (1937 - 1999). An instrumental interlude appears at the end of "With All My Heart," starting at 2:43. This is a shorter version of the hidden track at the end of "With All My Heart."

Track listing

All songs were written by Scott and Christine Denté, except where noted.

1. Shine Like Crazy -4:31

2. Truth Breaks Through (Monroe Jones) -3:53

3. Brave -3:06

4. What's It Gonna Be -3:08

5. With All My Heart -3:06

6. Waiting -3:07

7. Tell Your Story -3:33

8. Out of the Ordinary (Chris Donohue, Ken Lewis) –3:54

9. The Words –2:57

10. I Want Everything –3:56

11. Grace, Mercy and Peace –7:28

Radio singles

"Shine Like Crazy" -#10 Christian AC

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