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Remember This: The Out of the Grey Collection (1998)

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

Remember This: The Out of the Grey Collection is an official 1998 compilation album by the husband and wife duo Out of the Grey. This would be their final album for them on the Sparrow Records label. This collection contains 11 of their best songs, plus a remix version of "Wishes," two brand new songs and an unreleased instrumental called "Way Late." "Way Late" was recorded in 1993 during the Diamond Days recording session. Part of the song was heard at the end of the Diamond Days track "Eyes Wide Open." The new songs were produced by Charlie Peacock and Out of the Grey.

Track listing

All songs were written by Scott and Christine Denté and Charlie Peacock, except where noted.

1. Wishes '98 (remix version originally from Out of the Grey) -5:06

2. Nothing's Gonna Keep Me from You (from The Shape of Grace) -4:08

3. All We Need (from Diamond Days) -5:01

4. Steady Me (from The Shape of Grace) -3:46

5. Disappear (Scott and Christine Denté) (from (See Inside)) -5:33

6. This Is What It Is (Scott and Christine Denté, Joel Hanson) (new recording) -3:51

7. The One I've Been Waiting For (Christine Denté, Charlie Peacock) (from Diamond Days) -4:07

8. If I Know You (from Diamond Days) -3:23

9. So We Never Got to Paris (Scott and Christine Denté) (from Gravity) -4:00

10. Walk by Faith (Scott and Christine Denté) (new recording) -4:05

11. He Is Not Silent (Scott and Christine Denté) (from Out of the Grey) -4:03

12. Not A Chance (from (See Inside)) -4:44

13. Remember This (from Out of the Grey) -4:31

14. Way Late (Scott Denté, Charlie Peacock) (unreleased instrumental) -3:12

15. Wishes '91 (from Out of the Grey) -5:02

Production credits

Charlie Peacock -producers (tracks 1 -4, 6 -11, 13 -15), remixer (track 1)

Out of the Grey -producers (tracks 6 and 10)

Brown Bannister -producer (tracks 5 and 12)

Gil Gowing and Richie Biggs -remixers (track 1)

Radio singles

"Walk by Faith" -#15 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

"This Is What It Is" -#7 Christian AC

Previous release: (See Inside) (1997)

Next release: 6.1 (2001)

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