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(See Inside) (1997)

(See Inside) is the fifth studio album by the husband and wife duo Out of the Grey, released on April 1, 1997 by Sparrow Records. Brown Bannister takes over the producer's chair this time, after their four previous albums were produced by Charlie Peacock. Bannister is best known for producing albums by Amy Grant, White Heart, Twila Paris, Petra and many others. (See Inside) was recapturing the energy and intensity of their 1991 first album but with the benefit of a more mature theological perspective and more highly developed poetic sensibilities. Songs like "Disappear" and "Not A Chance" became radio favorites from this album. Scott Denté wrote and sings lead on the song "That's Where I Live." (See Inside) climbed to number 4 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums and made its first appearance on the Heatseekers Album chart peaking at number 39.

Track listing

1. No Leaving (Scott and Christine Denté) -4:03

2. Come Clean (Scott and Christine Denté) -4:21

3. Not A Chance (Scott and Christine Denté, Charlie Peacock) -4:45

4. Winter Sun (Scott and Christine Denté, Phil Madeira) -4:22

5. Constant (Christine Denté) -4:00

6. Disappear (Scott and Christine Denté) -5:34

7. That's Where I Live (Scott Denté) -3:47

8. My God You Are (Psalm 22) (Christine Denté, Brent Bourgeois) -4:29

9. Prove It (Christine Denté) -3:55

10. Joy (Christine Denté) -4:02

Radio singles

"Disappear" -#1 Christian CHR, #10 Christian AC

"Not A Chance" -#1 Christian CHR, #15 Christian AC

"Come Clean" -#7 Christian CHR

"Constant" -#14 Christian AC

Previous release: Gravity (1995)

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