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Live 12-6-2000 (2001)

Live 12-6-2000 is a 2001 live extended play (EP) by the husband and wife duo Out of the Grey on Rocketown Records. The live EP was released as a promotional tool to promote themselves and their Rocketown album 6.1. Before their album 6.1 was released, the Dentés performed a live concert performing their classic favorites and was recorded live at The Factory in Franklin, Tennessee on December 6, 2000. The Dentés performed with a rhthym section that consisted of Chris Donohue on bass guitar and Ken Lewis on drums and percussion. Live 12-6-2000 was sold as a limited edition and is currently out-of-print.

Track listing

1. Wishes (Scott and Christine Denté, Charlie Peacock) -4:31

2. All We Need (Scott and Christine Denté, Charlie Peacock) -3:49

3. The Deep (Scott and Christine Denté) -4:01

4. He Is Not Silent (Scott and Christine Denté) -4:42

5. Remember This (Scott and Christine Denté, Charlie Peacock) -3:52

Previous release: 6.1 (2001)

Listen to Live 12-6-2000 here:

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