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Extra Measure (1994)

Extra Measure is the seventh studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Paul Smith. It was released in 1994 on the independent label Intersound and produced by Paul Mills. After the under performing release of 1991's Human Touch, Smith returns after a three year absence with a much-improved album featuring his final two radio hits "Talk About Love" and "Unimportant Things." The song "Daddy Came Home Last Night" is about a prodigal father's return to his family. Extra Measure is out-of-print and is not available digitally. A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. Every Little Thing (Paul Smith, Geoff Thurman, Dwight Liles) -3:44

2. Talk About Love (Paul Smith, Brian Greene, Chuck E. Leonard) -4:34

3. That's What I Said (Paul Smith, Geoff Thurman) -3:58

4. Where Faith Begins (Paul Smith, Bruce Carroll, Greta Garner, Julie Adams) -4:17

5. Unimportant Things (Geoff Thurman, Lowell Alexander) -4:41

6. Hang My Hat (Paul Smith, Geoff Thurman) -5:11

7. Light on the Subject (Paul Smith, Lowell Alexander, Robert Nolan) -3:45

8. Daddy Came Home Last Night (Paul Smith) -5:16

9. Time That Never Ends (Carlyn Stacy, Jeff Nelson) -4:46

10. Extra Measure (Paul Smith, Jeff Silvey) -5:06

11. It Won't Break My Heart (Lowell Alexander) -4:10

Radio singles

1994 "Talk About Love" -#7 Christian CHR, #2 Christian AC

1994 "Unimportant Things" -#6 Christian AC

1994 -1995 "Extra Measure" -#29 Christian AC

Previous release: Human Touch (1991)

Next release: Soli Deo (2005)

Listen to the album Extra Measure here:

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