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For A Time Like This (1991)

Updated: May 18

For A Time Like This is the tenth studio album by Scottish Christian singer - author Sheila Walsh. This was her first and only album on the Star Song label released in 1991. It was a brief return to her pop/adult contemporary sound. Walsh also sings an extended version of the title theme of Walsh's talk show program Heart to Heart.

The lead single "Heaven Is Holding Us Now" would be one of final singles to climb to the Christian radio charts, displaying some Celtic influence and touches of bagpipes. The album also features Christian vocalists Michael English on the song "When Love Comes Home" and Russ Taff on the song "A Dove Amongst Eagles." Walsh does two covers: "Savior's Day" written by Chris Eaton and "In Heaven's Eyes" written by Phil McHugh. For A Time Like This is produced by Paul Mills and Jerry McPherson and peaked at number 18 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

NOTE: this would be Walsh's final album of regular contemporary pop music as Walsh would take an extended leave of absence of everything. In 1992, Walsh would leave The 700 Club because of differences of opinion on ideology and would go through clinical depression. Walsh would re-examine her life's direction and would write about her experiences of depression in her 1996 book Honesty. Walsh would not record another album in seven years.

Track listing

1. Heaven Is Holding Us Now (Sheila Walsh, Chris Eaton) -4:15

2. Heart to Heart (Sheila Walsh, Paul Mills and Jerry McPherson) -3:57

3. When Love Comes Home (guest vocals by Michael English) (Bob Farrell,

Paul Smith) -4:00

4. The Third Cross (Sheila Walsh, Paul Mills, Jerry McPherson) -5:17

5. Jennifer (Sheila Walsh, Chris Eaton) -4:20

6. Going Home (Sheila Walsh, Paul Mills, Jerry McPherson) -2:17

7. Savior's Day (Chris Eaton) -4:08

8. A Dove Amongst Eagles (guest vocals by Russ Taff) (Sheila Walsh, Paul Mills, Jerry McPherson) -5:51

9. Circle of Hands (Sheila Walsh, Jerry McPherson) -5:32

10. Love of My Life (Sheila Walsh, Chris Eaton) -4:01

11. In Heaven's Eyes (Phil McHugh) -5:08

Radio singles

1991 "Heaven Is Holding Us Now" -#23 Christian CHR, #15 Christian AC

1992 "Savior's Day" -#11 Christian AC

1992 "When Love Comes Home" (with Michael English) -#12 Christian AC

1992 "Heart to Heart" -#13 Christian AC

Next release: Hope (1998)

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