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Fuel on the Fire (1986)

Updated: Jun 8

Fuel on the Fire is the third release and the second studio album by Christian singer -songwriter Morgan Cryar, released in 1986 on Star Song Records.

The title of the album comes from the first single "Pray In the U.S.A." in which Cryar sings "they're pouring fuel on the fire/tryin' to stop what God desires." The song would become a signature song for Cryar and would top the Christian Rock chart. Cryar co-wrote the song with guitarist Ty Tabor of the hard rock band King's X.

Fuel On The Fire's whole album is rock-oriented than his 1984 debut Keep No Secrets mixing rock songs ("I Need the Rock" and "I Gotta Know") with some pop ballads ("Underneath Your Feet" and "Hideaway") also including the lite reggae pop song "Sibling Rivalry." The album is produced by Roy Salmond and with songwriting collaborations by Tabor and fellow King's X drummer and lead singer Doug Pinnick as well as John Andrew Schreiner. Fuel On The Fire peaked at number 23 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart making his first album chart appearance. It is the only album by Cryar to be made available digitally.

In 1987, Cryar was nominated for two Dove Awards for New Artist of the Year (originally titled the Horizon Award) and Short Form Music Video of the Year for

"Pray In the U.S.A."

Track listing

1. Pray in the U.S.A. (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor) -3:34

2. I'm Not Alone (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor, Doug Pinnick) -4:34

3. Underneath Your Feet (Ty Tabor) -3:14

4. I Gotta Know (Morgan Cryar, Doug Pinnick) -2:24

5. I Need the Rock (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor) -2:50

6. Break the Chain (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor) -4:09

7. Sibling Rivaly (Morgan Cryar) -3:50

8. Under the Rug (Morgan Cryar, John Andrew Schreiner, Mitch Rayborn) -3:04

9. Strength of the Weak (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor, Mitch Rayborn) -3:51

10. Hideaway (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor) -3:00

Radio singles

1986 "Pray in the U.S.A." -#4 Christian CHR

1986 "Underneath Your Feet" -#14 Christian AC

1987 "Sibling Rivalry" -#9 Christian CHR, #34 Christian AC

1987 "Strength of the Weak" -#23 Christian AC

Previous release: Keep No Secrets (1984)

Next release: Like a River (1989)

Watch the music video of "Pray in the U.S.A." here:

Watch the music video of "Underneath Your Feet" here:

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