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Keep No Secrets (1984)

Updated: Mar 7

Keep No Secrets is the second release and national debut album by Christian singer -songwriter Morgan Cryar, released in late 1984 on Star Song Records.

Keep No Secrets was, according to Mark Allen Powell on his book Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music, "an acoustic pop masterpiece." There was nothing acoustic about the album. It was more of a contemporary pop album featuring programming and drum machine arrangements. Produced by Jonathan David Brown who is best known for producing albums by Twila Paris and Petra. The album featured radio hits "I Get Carried Away" and "A Few of My Old Friends" and did moderately well on Christian radio. It also features the ballad "Holy Fire" with guest vocals by Jayne Farrell of the husband and wife duo Farrell and Farrell and written by Cryar and Paris. The album has not been released on CD. The tracks "Holy Fire," "I Get Carried Away" and "A Few of My Old Friends" are the only tracks to appear on CD and digitally on his 1998 compilation album What Sin? A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. I Get Carried Away (Morgan Cryar, John Andrew Schreiner) -3:10

2. Keep No Secrets (Morgan Cryar, Jonathan David Brown) -3:53

3. Someone to Change Me (Morgan Cryar, Jonathan David Brown) -3:56

4. Life in the Blood (Lisa Brady) -3:32

5. Holy Fire (guest vocals by Jayne Farrell) (Morgan Cryar, Twila Paris) -3:57

6. A Few of My Old Friends (Morgan Cryar) -4:05

7. I Wanna Be Good (Rick Crawford) -2:50

8. Concealed Weapon (Morgan Cryar, John Andrew Schreiner) -3:30

9. Just a Little Like You (Morgan Cryar, Jonathan David Brown) -4:20

10. Made-Up Mind (Morgan Cryar, Jonathan David Brown) -5:36

Radio singles

1985 "A Few of My Old Friends" -#25 Christian AC/CHR

1985 "I Get Carried Away" -#8 Christian CHR

1985 "Holy Fire" -#25 Christian AC

1985 "Made-Up Mind" -#12 Christian CHR, #33 Christian AC

Previous release: More Than Meets the Eye (1981) (independent debut album)

Listen to the album Keep No Secrets here:

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