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What Sin? - The Very Best of Morgan Cryar (1998)

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What Sin? - The Very Best of Morgan Cryar is a 1998 compilation album by Christian singer -songwriter Morgan Cryar released on the Damascus Road Music label. This collection contains 12 of Cryar's best songs from the past decade from his five studio albums including the title song from his previous album Love Over Gold, plus two unreleased songs "In the Cool of the Day" and "Meet Your Maker" and a re-recording of his 1986 hit "Pray in the U.S.A." The new recording was recorded in honor of National Day of Prayer (along with a music video) and features "The Morgan Tabernacle Choir" which consists of an all-star chorus of singers in the Christian music industry. The unreleased tracks and the re-recording of "Pray in the U.S.A." were produced by Cryar and Paul Mills.

NOTE: the songs from Keep No Secrets, Like a River, Kingdom Upside Down and Love Over Gold are the only songs in this compilation album that are available digitally. Those albums can be heard and found on YouTube. His 1986 album Fuel On The Fire is Cryar's only full-length album that is available digitally.

Track listing

All songs were written by Morgan Cryar, except where noted.

1. In the Cool of the Day (previously unreleased) -4:18

2. If I Never See A Miracle (from Love Over Gold) -3:44

3. What Sin? (from Love Over Gold) -4:29

4. Pray in the U.S.A. (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor) (featuring the Morgan Tabernacle Choir) (new recording originally from Fuel On The Fire) -3:50

5. Father (Morgan Cryar, Gregg Hodge, Mark Heimermann, Jerry McPherson)

(from Kingdom Upside Down) -3:56

6. Strength of the Weak (Morgan Cryar, Ty Tabor, Mitch Rayborn) (from Fuel

on the Fire) -3:51

7. A Few of My Old Friends (from Keep No Secrets) -4:05

8. Holy Fire (guest vocals by Jayne Farrell) (Morgan Cryar, Twila Paris) (from

Keep No Secrets) -3:57

9. Kingdom Upside Down (from Kingdom Upside Down) -2:59

10. Meet Your Maker (Morgan Cryar, Michael Sandifer) (previously unreleased)


11. I Get Carried Away (Morgan Cryar, John Andrew Schreiner) (from Keep No Secrets) -3:10

12. Koombayah (from Love Over Gold) -3:15

13. The Voice of Experience (Chris Smith, Justin Peters) (from Like A River) -4:12

14. Yes, Yes (from Like A River) -3:24

15. See You on The Other Side (Morgan Cryar, Chris Harris, Mark Heimermann)

(from Kingdom Upside Down) -3:55

Production credits

Morgan Cryar -producer (tracks 1 -4, 10 and 12)

Paul Mills -producer (tracks 1, 4 and 10)

Jonathan David Brown -producer (tracks 7, 8 and 11)

Roy Salmond -producer (track 6)

Brian Tankersley -producer (tracks 13 and 14)

Chris Harris and Mark Heimermann -producers (tracks 5, 9 and 15)

Radio singles

1998 "In the Cool of the Day" -#23 Christian AC

1998 "Pray in the U.S.A." -#17 Christian AC

Previous release: Love Over Gold (1995)

Watch the music video of "Pray in the U.S.A." here:

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