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Like a River (1989)

Updated: Mar 7

Like a River is the fourth studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Morgan Cryar. It is the first of two albums to be released on Reunion Records in 1989. Three years after his 1986 album Fuel on the Fire, Cryar returns with an album that has a mix of southern rock and some adult contemporary pop songs. The album is produced by Brian Tankersley. Like a River is out of print and is not available digitally. The tracks "The Voice of Experience" and "Yes, Yes" are the only tracks to appear on CD and digitally on his 1998 compilation album What Sin? A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

All songs were written by Morgan Cryar, except where noted.

1. Holy Hand -3:37

2. Stand Up and Shout (Morgan Cryar, Erik Schouten) -2:57

3. I Can Feel His Love (Mark Jean, Donnie Hartsock, Luther Goodman) -3:32

4. Name Above All Names -4:09

5. Reason Enough (Morgan Cryar, Keith Brown) -4:05

6. World to Turn -3:30

7. The Voice of Experience (Chris Smith, Justin Peters) -4:11

8. I'm Still Dangerous -3:34

9. Dust Man (Morgan Cryar, Tom Hemby) -3:55

10. Yes, Yes -3:23

Radio singles

1989 "The Voice of Experience" -#4 Christian CHR, #11 Christian AC

1989 "Yes, Yes" -#23 Christian AC

1990 "Holy Hand" -#3 Christian CHR

1990 "Reason Enough" -#10 Christian AC

Previous release: Fuel on the Fire (1986)

Listen to the full-length album Like a River here:

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