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Kingdom Upside Down (1990)

Updated: Mar 8

Kingdom Upside Down is the fifth studio album by Christian singer - songwriter Morgan Cryar. It is the second and final release on Reunion Records in 1990. The album is produced by the team of Chris Harris and Mark Heimermann. Kingdom Upside Down is more upbeat and danceable than his previous album Like a River and features his first number one hit "Father." Cryar's next single "See You On the Other Side" would be an even bigger hit.

Years after its first release, "See You On the Other Side" gained a special meaning when it was included in a multi-media presentation following the Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 and subsequently played on mainstream radio stations across the nation. Kingdom Upside Down peaked at number 27 on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. The album is out of print and is not available digitally. The tracks "Father," "See You On the Other Side" and the title song are the only tracks to appear on CD and digitally on his 1998 compilation album What Sin? A YouTube link to listen to the album is posted below this article.

Track listing

1. Give Up the Ghost (Mark Heimermann, Wayne Kirkpatrick) -3:27

2. I Ain't Got Nothin' (Kent O’Neal Roberts) -3:03

3. Father (Morgan Cryar, Mark Heimermann, Jerry McPherson, Gregg Hodge) -3:54

4. Church Bells (Morgan Cryar, Mark Heimermann, Wayne Kirkpatrick) -3:39

5. See You On the Other Side (Morgan Cryar, Chris Harris, Mark Heimermann)


6. Kingdom Upside Down (Morgan Cryar) -2:58

7. We Call It Love (Morgan Cryar, Chris Eaton) -3:38

8. Think About God (Morgan Cryar, Mark Heimermann) -2:02

9. Heavy on My Heart (Billy Simon, Jeff Silvey) -3:40

10. Stay With the One You Love (Morgan Cryar, Mark Heimermann) -3:47

Radio singles

1990 "Father" -#2 Christian CHR, #1 Christian AC

1990 "Kingdom Upside Down" -#18 Christian CHR

1990 "See You On the Other Side" -#6 Christian AC

1991 "I Ain't Got Nothin'" -#16 Christian CHR, #22 Christian AC

Previous release: Like a River (1989)

Next release: Love Over Gold (1995)

Listen to the full-length album Kingdom Upside Down here:

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