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Hell Is For Wimps (1990)

Updated: Apr 13

Hell Is For Wimps is the third release and second studio album by the Australian Christian rock band Newsboys. It was released in 1990 and their first album on the Star Song Records label. The album was produced by Michael Gleason. While it was not a commercially successful album, it saw substantially greater critical success compared with the previous album, Read All About It.

The song "In the End" topped at number 5 on the Christian Rock chart, becoming the band's first track to reach the Top 10 of any known chart, while "Simple Man" and "All I Can See" both made the Top 30 on the Christian CHR chart. Hell Is For Wimps continued their hard rock style found in Read All About It and in their 1987 independent album [He's Coming Back] (whose two tracks "Stand Up" and "Victory" were re-recorded and rewritten for this album). Newsboys filmed a music video for "Simple Man" featuring American artist and Baptist minister Howard Finster showing his paintings and crafts. The band wrote all ten songs on the album. Johnathan Geange replaced Phil Yates on this album as the new guitarist.

Track listing

All songs were written by Newsboys.

1. Stand Up for Jesus -3:49

2. In the End -3:15

3. Simple Man -3:43

4. All I Can See -4:52

5. Ten Thousand Miles -3:55

6. Somethin's Missing -2:46

7. Get Up for Love -3:16

8. Sea of Love -3:14

9. Love You Tomorrow -3:35

10. Victory -4:17



John James -lead vocals

Peter Furler -drums

Johnathan Geange -guitar

Sean Taylor -bass guitar

Radio singles

1990 "All I Can See" -#22 Christian CHR

1991 "Simple Man" -#13 Christian CHR

Previous release: Read All About It (1988)

Watch the music video of "Simple Man" here:

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