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Himnos: Un Retrato De Cristo (1992)

Updated: Jun 28

Himnos: Un Retrato De Cristo is the third Spanish language album by Christian singer Steve Green, release in the fall of 1992 on Sparrow Records. The album was produced and arranged by Greg Nelson. It is the Spanish language version of

Hymns: A Portrait of Christ with the same track listing.

Track listing

1. Santo, Santo, Santo (Holy, Holy, Holy) (John Bacchus Dykes, Reginald Heber)


2. Medley Del Espíritu -4:20

Transfórmame (Spirit of God), Descend Upon My Heart (George Croly)

Espíritu Santo Consolador (Breathe On Me, Breath of God) (Edwin Hatch)

Espíritu Del Trino Dios (Spirit of the Living God) (Daniel Iverson)

3. El Señor Resucitó (Christ the Lord is Risen Today) (Charles Wesley) -2:41

4. Padre Nuestro (The Lord's Prayer) (traditional) -2:49

5. Maravilloso Es El Gran Amor (And Can It Be) (Charles Wesley) -3:41

6. Cuán Grande Es Él (How Great Thou Art) (Stuart K. Hine) -5:01

7. Grande Es Tu Fidelidad (Great Is Thy Faithfulness) (Thomas Chisholm) -3:35

8. Medley De Alabanza -2:53

9. Medley De Cristo -4:25

10. Sublime Gracia (Amazing Grace) (John Newton) -1:50

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