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Libertad me das (1998)

Updated: Apr 7

Libertad me das is a 1998 Spanish-language album by Christian singer Sandi Patty on Word Records International. Libertad me das is the title song on the album that is translated as "You Set Me Free." The album consists of some choice songs sung in Spanish from her Word Records catalog and is co-produced by Patty's long-time producer Greg Nelson with Spanish translation arrangements by Isaac Hernandez. Patty won a Dove Award for Spanish Language Album of the Year in a tie along with fellow CCM singer Crystal Lewis with Oro (her Spanish language album version of Gold) at the 30th GMA Dove Awards.

Track listing

1. Su mano en mi hombro (Hand on my Shoulder) (Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell) -5:13

2. Quiero edificar (Build My World Around You) -3:37

3. Otro tiempo, otro lugar (Another Time, Another Place) (duet with Rene Gonzalez) (Gary Driskell) -5:28

4. Obra en mi (Carry On) (Michael W. Smith, Bob Farrell) -5:27

5. ¿Quién ha de llamarle Rey? (Who Will Call Him King of Kings?) (Sandi Patty, Greg Nelson, Bob Farrell) -5:35

6. En las Alas del Amor (Find It On the Wings) (Tommy Sims, Bob Farrell) -4:44

7. Libertad me das (You Set Me Free) (Joel Lindsey) -5:20

8. Amor en mil idiomas (Love in Any Language) (Jon Mohr, John Mays) -4:26

9. Via Dolorosa (Billy Sprague, Niles Borop) -4:37

10. Cuán grande es Él (How Great Thou Art) (Stuart K. Hine) -5:13


Dove Award -Spanish Language Album of the Year (Libertad me das) (tie)

Previous release: Artist of My Soul (1997)

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