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Lie Down in the Grass (1984)

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Lie Down in the Grass is the first solo album by singer -songwriter Charlie Peacock. It was released in 1984 on Word Records' Exit label. The Exit Records label was specially made from Word Records that featured Christian alternative rock acts like Peacock, The 77's, Vector (from which Peacock was a member before going solo) and many others based in Sacramento, California. From 1982 until 1985, the label's releases were distributed exclusively to the Christian market via Word, Inc. A&M Records handled the mainstream distribution in 1985. In 1986, The album was picked up by Island Records for distribution until Exit Records folded the following year.

CCM Magazine ranked Lie Down in the Grass at number 67 in their 2001 book The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music. The album was, in some ways, a head of its time. Featuring musicians from other Exit acts The 77's and Vector (Aaron Smith and Jimmy Abegg, both would go on to play on Rich Mullins' Ragamuffin Band), Peacock delivered accessible melodies in a sophisticated format that challenged the listener with layers of fun, off-beat surprises. Peacock wrote and produced the entire album himself.

Highlights on Lie Down in the Grass include the title track, "One, Two, Three (That's Okay)," "Till You Caught My Eye" and "Love Doesn't Get Better." On the A&M release, new tracks "Young in Heart" and "Love Doesn't Get Better " replace the tracks "Watching Eternity" and "Lost in Translation" from the Exit release. The album was reissued in 1992 by Myrrh Records on CD. In 2014, a 30th anniversary expanded edition of Lie Down in the Grass was released and contains the entire original Exit album and 10 bonus tracks including the two A&M tracks and four different mixes of the title song among others.

Track listing

All songs were written by Charlie Peacock.

1. Lie Down in the Grass -3:32

2. Watching Eternity -3:01

3. It's Gone, It's Over -3:49

4. Human Condition -3:03

5. Lost in Translation -3:51

6. One, Two, Three (That's Okay) -3:47

7. Whole Lot Different/Who Lot the Same -3:35

8. Till You Caught My Eye -3:30

9. Turned On an Attitude -2:59

10. Who Is Not Afraid? -3:03


11. Young in Heart -3:23

12. Love Doesn't Get Better -3:41

13. Lie Down in the Grass (A&M Version) -3:31

14. Lie Down in the Grass (Island Version) -3:29

15. Lie Down in the Grass (2014 Mix) -3:30

16. Lie Down in the Grass (featuring Bourgeois Tagg) -3:21

17. My Marguerite (2014 Mix) -4:59

18. Guilty (2014 Mix) -3:49

19. Young in Heart (2014 Mix) -3:23

20. Love Doesn't Get Better (2014 Mix) -3:34

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