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Charlie Peacock (1986)

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Charlie Peacock is the self-titled second solo album by singer -songwriter Charlie Peacock. Released in the fall of 1986, it was Peacock's final album on the Exit Records label and distributed by Island Records.

This was supposed to be Peacock's breakthrough album that was supposed to solidify his secular presence. Unfortunately that didn't work out. A&M Records bailed on the album and it eventually ended up on Island Records. Island was unable to properly promote the album so it didn't have any secular success. One of the stranger production ideas was to include a new recording of "Lie Down on the Grass" from his 1984 album of the same name. The beats and synth were perfect for the time and the album was easily as good as anything on the radio at the time. A music video was made for the track "Message Boy" in a slightly different remix form from the album version.

The album was mainly produced by English record engineer Nigel Gray with Peacock writing and composing the entire album. Charlie Peacock contains the original recording of "Down in the Lowlands." Former Imperials lead singer Russ Taff would cover the song on his 1987 self-titled album. The 1986 recording of "Lie Down in the Grass" would appear on the 30th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Lie Down in the Grass as one of the bonus tracks. Charlie Peacock was remastered in 2020.

Track listing

All songs were written by Charlie Peacock.

1. Message Boy -4:26

2. Counting the Cost -4:14

3. Down in the Lowlands -5:00

4. Lie Down in the Grass -3:23

5. It's No Surprise -4:16

6. Dizzy Dean Movie -3:40

7. Forever Strangers -3:31

8. I Will Need Your Help -3:55

9. My People -3:36

10. Conversing With Mercy -5:04

Watch the music video of "Message Boy" here:

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